Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Product Spoof - Piranhas vs. Goldfish

This has got to be one of my favorite projects I've done so far while attending DMACC. It was an assignment for my Illustrator class during the fall of 2009. We were told to create a product spoof utilizing Adobe Illustrator.

I first began by researching different kinds of products and making lists of the ones I could quickly come up with something clever to change and mock the original. A couple of the other ideas I had were "Waffler Crisp: The Official Cereal of Hillary Clinton," instead of Waffle Crisp, and "Senior Mints: Denture Cream in Pure Chocolate," instead of Junior Mints.

I however, realizing with my limited knowledge of Adobe Illustrator at the time, that "Piranhas: The Snack That Bites Back" would be the best choice.

I once again, began making sketches of different hybrids of piranha and goldfish. I also started researching different artists online and really taking a look at what sorts of colors they were using. I then began researching fonts and looking into what the fonts were that made up the different logos and text on the bag. I however, not being able to find them using myfonts or other resources, ended up having to draw out most of the letter in Illustrator by myself.

I like the end result very much. I'm happy with the colors and placement of various elements. However, I do think I could do much more with the background now. I think something more could be done to make it appear less flat. All in all though, I am still very pleased with the underlying concept and final production of the piece.

Fanny Pack

This is a piece that I completed during the Typography course that I took at DMACC last year. Our assignment was to take any quote and make a visual to accompany it.

I first started by making a list of different quotes or song lyrics that I liked. I then began writing down ideas for the visuals that might be able to go along with them. In the end this is the one I decided had the strongest preconceived concept from the start.

I took a front profile photograph of myself and then made sketches for the letters, words, and the rest of the piece. After all of my sketches were done, I then scanned those in and used them as my base for my Adobe Illustrator illustration. I used them as references to help aid along my drawing process on the computer.

I'm definitely happy with the outcome. The whimsical, hand rendered words and cartoon style drawing further add to the funny content of the actual quote from Weird Al Yankovic. I think I shall soon submit this to Weird Al for some fanart recognition.

Family Tree

This is a piece I created while I was still in high school. I wanted to simply come up with a new spin on the traditional family tree.

I made several different sketches to begin my creative process and this is the one I ended up liking the most. After I chose which theme to go with, I then had to find all the photos I wanted to use. Most of the photos were old pictures from family albums which I then had to scan into the computer. After all that was compiled together, I then was able to open up Adobe Photoshop and start collaging different images and layers together.

Although this isn't the traditional family tree style where you can see all the direct links to descending family members, I think it's a fun, new twist to the old concept. You still get the idea.